World IBD Day

On World IBD Day 19th May - let’s tell the world there’s No Going Back!

As many people are longing for things to go back to normal, we want something better. 

When you live with an invisible condition such as Crohn’s or Colitis that means going back to a world that makes life harder for you – dealing with people who don’t understand your condition, in a society not set up to help you manage it. Nobody should have to accept that kind of ‘normal’. 

So, this World IBD Day, let’s not go back to normal. Let’s go forward to something better. 

To help you get involved we’ve got a menu of suggestions to create a world where everyone living with Crohn’s and Colitis feels understood and supported to live their best life. 

In the lead up to World IBD Day we'll be adding more and more ways for you to get involved as we want you to choose how you take part and the best ways for you to make a difference.

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