We’re here to give people affected by Crohn’s or Colitis hope, comfort and confidence. Living with Crohn’s or Colitis will mean you have to make some changes. But you can still get the most out of life, and our RADAR key really helps.

It’s simple and rewarding to become a member and we’re pleased to be able to offer a RADAR key as part of a special offer for new members. Any person with Crohn's or Colitis joining our membership community of over 47,000 for the first time will be eligible to request a key*.

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A RADAR Key is a large universal key used to open RADAR locks. These locks are commonly installed in public accessible toilets, and often used in restaurants and other venues. In fact, there are over 9,000 accessible toilets with RADAR locks across the UK. Having a RADAR key means you do not need to wait for a member of staff to unlock the toilet for you, you can just let yourself in.

I know to other people who don't have Crohn’s this won't mean anything but to me this just meant that I used my radar key for the first time and actually had a whole toilet and area to myself. Who would of thought that one little key could make my day! No panicking about paying for a toilet at the train station.

Lauren, 24
Diagnosed with Crohn's in 2013

*Terms and conditions: Members are only eligible for a RADAR key if they are a patient (or parent/carer of a patient) with Crohn’s or Colitis. When applying, the box must be ticked on the sign-up form to request one.
Due to limited stock, we are only able to offer each member one free RADAR Key. If you need a second key for any reason, you can purchase one from Disability Rights UK.

Radar Key Tips and Tricks

  • Remember to always take your Can’t Wait Card along with your RADAR key when you are out and about, for the easiest access to toilet facilities
  • When using the key, remember to lock the door once inside by lifting the handle or turning the thumb-turn, so that another person with a key cannot come in at the same time (it sounds obvious, but it happens!)
  • Check out some of the toilet apps in your app store to see where the closest accessible toilet is located
  • Remember that the RADAR key is to help a wide range of needs, including vision and mobility problems, which is why it is not available in a smaller size
  • If you are considering purchasing a second RADAR key, keep in mind that some unauthorised sellers might be selling copies, which are less likely to fit the locks. The key should say NKS (National Key Scheme) on it to ensure authenticity.
  • If your RADAR key does not work in a particular accessible toilet, please do bring this to the attention of the manager or managing company. It may be that they have chosen to fit a different lock (and feedback from users might help to encourage them to change to a RADAR lock) or it may be that their RADAR lock is broken and needs maintenance

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Helpline service


We know it can be difficult to live with, or support someone living with these conditions. But you’re not alone. We provide up-to-date, evidence-based information and can support you to live well with Crohn’s or Colitis.

Our helpline team can help by:

  • Providing information about Crohn’s and Colitis.

  • Listening and talking through your situation.

  • Helping you to find support from others in the Crohn’s and Colitis community.

  • Signposting you to specialist organisations.

Please be aware we’re not medically or legally trained. We cannot provide detailed financial or benefits advice or specialist emotional support.

Please contact us via telephone, email or LiveChat - 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (except English bank holidays).

Live chat

If you need specific medical advice about your condition, your GP or IBD team will be best placed to help.

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