Charity Film Awards: We need your vote!

27 February 2020

We’re overjoyed that our ‘It Takes Guts’ animation has been shortlisted for the Charity Film Awards. This fantastic achievement brings us a step closer to winning which would raise vital awareness and see the animation added to the British Film Instiute archives and listed on IMDB.

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It only takes one minute to vote and make a real difference. Because the conditions are invisible and not yet widely understood thousands of people across the UK are facing these devastating, lifelong conditions alone. 

Our It Takes Guts campaign and its shortlisted animation were designed to empower people living with Crohn’s or Colitis to start conversations, about how their condition impacts them with them, with friends, family and employers.  

The animation follows the story of three people living with the conditions. It highlights their symptoms and illustrates how Crohn’s and Colitis can sometimes prevent you from doing the simplest things in life; but that ultimately talking about symptoms and what you need from others can lighten the load.  

Sam Cleasby who has Ulcerative Colitis and features in the animation, reflects on how she started talking about her condition. 

Years ago, I didn’t [talk], and it was very isolating thing. It made me feel like I was alone in it, it was just me. No-one understood what I was going through. Talking was really scary at first because you think, what if people laugh? What if people feel sorry for you? What if it changes the way people react to you? But actually, what happened was not only did everyone just say, ‘Oh ok, now we understand’. Talking about it becomes a ripple of being able to share this experience and get people to understand.

Sam Cleasby

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