Denim with an Ostomy: Amber’s top tips!

18 January 2019

Amber is 21 years old and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2010. She had her first stoma surgery at age 18...

I truly believe that a well thought through wardrobe and getting certain clothing items right (particularly on the bottom half) can help you gain the world of confidence (or least make a start) when it comes to dressing and going out and about with your stoma

I for one was definitely so worried about clothing and dressing when I initially had my surgery.

I didn’t venture out of a world of leggings and baggy tops for a good few months because I was worried about dressing to suit my new bag and was clueless as to what to look out for or what would compliment my ‘new’ body. 

Venturing back into the world of denim post surgery was rather daunting. I was worried about jeans being too restrictive, uncomfortable, showing my bag, being too low waisted... the list was endless!

Even three years on from my surgery, I still get it wrong sometimes when it comes to buying certain clothing items.

However, I definitely feel like my knowledge has advanced and I know what to keep an eye out for in a good bottom half item.

So, here are four different (and, some of my current most favourite) denim bottoms for you - even including a denim mini skirt!


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1. Mom Jeans

I recommend buying a couple of sizes too big to give plenty of room and then use a belt to bring back in at the waist.

2. Bodycon skirt

Black is definitely a more forgiving and camouflaging colour so definitely a good one to start with if in doubt. Tighter items of a bodycon style can actually be more flattering sometimes as they hold everything in compactly but are still comfy and stretchy!

3. Skinny jeans

high waisted jeans are a godsend! I particularly like the Jamie range by topshop as they’re not too thin but still comfy and flattering. If you’re worried about your bag showing/ballooning while output increases then wear a looser top that you can tuck in or wear outside for when needed  

4. Dungarees

Again, buy a little too big and use a belt to bring in at the waist. These are definitely some of my favourites at the moment paired with a colourful chunky knit underneath

P.S. Never forget or underestimate the power of and old faithful granny pants!

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