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Together, we make a difference - Volunteer Award winners

Published 06 December 2018

The volunteering team are pleased to announce the winners of our 2018 Volunteer Awards!

We are so grateful for all the amazing work that our volunteers do for people living with Crohn’s or Colitis. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated!

Our Top 7 are the nominees that best fit within the criteria and the panel feel that they truly embody each of our values.

Stronger Together

Laura, Lead Local Network Volunteer

Laura was nominated for championing the ideas of her fellow volunteers and ensuring that they are seen through. For working with head office and new volunteers to grow her team a huge amount in a short period of time. For consistently inspiring and reminding the team how strong they are together through regular meetings with a collaborative structure.

Laura secured a coveted spot collecting on the London Underground using head office contacts.

Laura described in three words: Innovative, enthusiastic, supportive

Shas, Lead Local Network Volunteer

Shas was nominated for her contribution to wider Local Network projects and providing a volunteer voice throughout the charity. For consulting with her Organising Team to provide insightful feedback on pilots and procedures. For collaborations with a local IBD nurse on an innovative and very successful Facebook Live series.

Shas has helped to change the way the charity works with volunteers on WALK IT events.

Shas described in three words: Passionate, inclusive, collaborative

Jennifer, Office Volunteer

Jennifer was nominated for taking on new and challenging tasks according to the demands of the team. For efficiently completing an ever-changing task list for all members of the team. For supporting other teams outside of her regular work to benefit the whole charity and all our supporters.

Jennifer has developed and created a database of volunteer recruitment links which has become vital for the whole team in reaching wider communities.

Jennifer described in three words: Collaborative, willing, professional


Tony, Lead Local Network Volunteer

Tony was nominated for developing strong links with multiple local hospitals. For developing a series of successful medical meetings. For constantly driving to reach more people affected by Crohn’s or Colitis. For his positive and professional attitude in his role.

Tony's stand-out achievement has been installing and maintaining publication racks in five hospitals which provide up to date, essential information from the charity.

Tony described in three words: Passionate, proud, professional

Christine, Lead Local Network Volunteer

Christine was nomnated for growing the Northampton Network from just a few volunteers to a large, active Network. For raising money though innovative fundraising ideas. For being a driving force in the success of the Network and encouraging the organising team to succeed. For constantly improving hospital links, leading to meetings with IBD staff and installation of notice boards displaying Crohn’s & Colitis UK patient information.

Christine has awarded Local Grants to fund better infusion chairs.

Christine described in three words: Enthusiastic, dedicated, determined


Brian, Lead Local Network Volunteer

Brian was nominated for taking on a key role in order to continue providing a service to people with Crohn’s or Colitis. For supporting his team to reboot activity with him despite ill health. For his determination to unite a team who live far apart to create a better community in the Network.

Brian's key achievement has been setting up and maintaining a successful series of medical meetings.

Brian described in three words: Determined, understanding, considerate

Denise, Crohn's and Colitis Support

Denise volunteers for Crohn’s and Colitis Support, and was nominated for her support of fellow volunteers and uniting everyone, despite the team living far apart. For listening to the concerns of fellow volunteers and investing in their wellbeing. For helping to deliver training and debriefing volunteers.

Denise connects the whole team with a thread which ties them all to the greater cause of helping people with Crohn's and Colitis.

Denise described in three words: Generous, supportive, thoughtful

Congratulations to all of our winners - they will be celebrated at an exclusive event in January 2019.

We're working to help everyone affected by Crohn's and Colitis, and by joining us, you can make a real difference to people's lives. Find out more about volunteering today.

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