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We are seeking new members from all backgrounds for the Awards Panel and would like to receive applications from people who have a strong research background in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Applications are welcomed from both clinical and non-clinical researchers. We are also looking to recruit a Co-Chair for the Awards Panel. 


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The Awards Panel is responsible for the review of all research grant applications received by the Charity. The Panel makes funding recommendations to the Research Strategy and Funding Committee (“RSFC”) who make the final funding recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Awards Panel has broad representation from all disciplines within the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) specialty as well as people directly affected by the conditions themselves, or indirectly through a family member.

We are also seeking a Co-Chair for the panel and would welcome applications for this role, particularly from individuals who have expertise in medical/scientific research into IBD. 

This role involves being part of a diverse panel of people who either have scientific or medical expertise of IBD or are directly affected by IBD.

We would particularly like to hear from people with expertise in one or more of these areas:

  • Gastroenterology
  • Paediatrics
  • Dietetics
  • Basic research related to IBD such as cellular/molecular biology/inflammatory processes
  • Data science

The above list is not exhaustive and we would welcome applications from people not working directly in these areas if you think you have relevant skills and expertise to bring to the Panel.

You do not need to have been previously involved with Crohn’s & Colitis UK but you must be able to demonstrate an interest in supporting the Charity in delivery of its research funding programme.

Crohn’s & Colitis UK recognises the importance of reaching ethnically diverse communities and engaging them in research. However, the Charity recognises that currently there is a lack of representation of people from a range of backgrounds in IBD research. We particularly welcome applications that give us the opportunity to widen the diversity of the Awards Panel to drive world class research and better represent the whole IBD community.

Please ensure you have read and meet the Scientific/Clinical Person Specification or Co-Chair Person Specification prior to applying.

Time Commitment

The Awards Panel normally meets virtually twice per year. However, there may be some circumstances in which the Charity holds additional funding calls in which case there would be further panel meetings. As you are required to read, score and provide feedback for grant applications, advance preparation for these meetings will be required.  Members will have a term on the Awards Panel of 3 years. There will be the option to renew for a further 3 year term.

Please note, there are additional time commitments for the role of Co-Chair. The Co-Chair is also responsible for reviewing interim and final reports from grant holders. They may also be asked to attend the Research and Strategy Funding Committee meetings to discuss recommendations for funding – this meeting is normally held in October.


Meetings are held virtually and there is no remuneration for attendance.

How to Apply

Please return your completed application form and a copy of your CV by 5pm Monday 15 January to

Applicants who have applied to be Co-Chair of the Panel and who are successfully shortlisted will be invited to a short interview in late January. Interviews will not be held for Scientific/Clinical Expert Panel members. The Research Strategy and Funding Committee will agree the formal appointment of new members to the Awards Panel.

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