Get crafting!

Already an avid knitter, enjoy crocheting or just fancy giving it a go?    

You can help spread awareness and help raise funds, by making and selling one of our suggested ideas below or choose your own craft!

What could I craft?

The answer is anything! Here are a couple of suggestions to get the (sewing) ball rolling!

  • Crochet  - you could try making a beanie hat, a baby blanket, or scarf.
  • Hand-sewn items – tote bags, cushions, clothes, quilting, lavender bags, bunting.

How it works? 

 Choose your crafty activity and what you will make

 Make a few crafts to get you started

 Set up your Just Giving page and add photos of your handmade goods to your page

 Ask your friends and family to donate to buy one or more of your amazing handcrafted goods!

Read about Emma's crafting success...

How did you get started with crafting?

When I became ill with Crohn’s, I had to stop work as education manager at an outdoor museum on the North Yorkshire Moors, as it was quite a physical job. I’ve always enjoyed crafting so, rather than just mope around the house, I taught myself to crochet.

When did you start selling your craft items?

My husband persuaded me that other people might like my crafts so I set up a little shop on the online marketplace, Etsy. I didn’t want the pressure of doing it as a business, so I decided to raise money for charity and Crohn’s & Colitis UK was the obvious choice.

How much have you raised?

I’ve been selling for just over two years and so far I’ve donated £1,881. It’s also about raising awareness. I set up an Instagram account where I mainly post about crafting, but I’ll often comment on how I’m getting on with my Crohn’s too.

I used to think, why would people want to listen to what I have to say about Crohn’s? But then I thought, no, I’m going to share this and get it out there in the open. The Happy Bowels is the first crochet pattern I wrote myself and it has kind of become my mascot. I want people to have happy bowels even when the real thing is anything but happy.

How is your health at the moment?

I’ve never officially hit remission but, compared to how it’s been in the past, my Crohn’s is fairly well controlled. I now work part-time from home doing admin for my husband’s company, so that enables me to manage my condition and gives me more time for crafting.

Crafting is definitely good for my wellbeing. It helps me feel productive, even in times when I don’t feel as productive in my life in general. I get quite anxious about medical things, like when I’m going in for a procedure or starting a new medication, so I’ll often craft in the run-up to that and I find it soothing. I’ve had a couple of minor reactions to medicines in the past so whenever I start something new I’m always paranoid that it’s going to happen again. If I sit and crochet, I’m focusing on that and not on thinking, is my throat swelling up, am I getting a rash, is my heart rate increasing?

Emma Colclough 
Crafting champion!

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