It's a guessing game

Sweepstakes and quizzes are easy to set up and a fantastic opportunity to get your friends, family and colleagues involved.


You can create a sweepstake for just about anything, from predicting your finish time in a race to guessing the winner of Strictly Come Dancing or The Great British Bake Off.

Charity sweepstake rules for success    

  1. Decide the competition for your sweepstake, for example, guess your race time or the results of a popular event like Wimbledon.
  2. Use our ready-made sweepstake poster.
  3. Set the price of each entry e.g. £5, ask your family, friends (or colleagues if it’s an office sweepstake) to make a donation for their entry.  
  4. Whoever guesses correctly wins a prize and the money raised from the entries will be donated to Crohn’s & Colitis UK.
Sweepstake Poster A4 (pdf)

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Quiz time

Organise your very own charity quiz at home or at local pub, we’ve got everything you need to make it a success.

How to organise a great quiz

  1. Pick an online platform which will suit your virtual hosting or a venue for your in-person quiz.
  2. Set your date well in advance so you have plenty of time to get organised.
  3. Prepare and get your quizzers to mark the dates in their diaries.
  4. Send out your invites using our E-invitations (pdf).
  5. Set up your JustGiving page, share it with your guests and ask for a suggested 'pay to play' donation.
  6. Using our Ready-made quiz (pdf), make your own or source a free one online.

Top tip!

Create a private Facebook group - a perfect way to keep all your family and friends posted with how your fundraiser is going and ask for donations by sharing your JustGiving Page.

Fundraising resources

*Hosting your quiz online

 Before using an online platform, always make sure to check their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. It’s your responsibility to be familiar with and comply with these.

*Sweepstake guidelines

Sweepstake competitions can be a fun way to help raise money, but there are some basic rules that you will need to follow if you are planning on running your own 

Entry price - this must be the same for all participants.
Informing your participants - you need to decide before hosting your competition if the entry money will be split between the winner and the charity, or if you are going to have a separate prize with all entry fees going to the charity. Whichever approach you take, participants must be informed before they enter and the host cannot make a profit (i.e. funds will need to be donated).
Participants in your office sweepstake - must all be employed to work from the same location.
You must not sell sweepstake entries on the street or house to house.

For more information on the rules of running your own fundraising sweepstake please visit the Gambling Commission website.

Please note we are unable to accept responsibility for any sweepstake you organise.

Looking for fundraising ideas?

See the full A-Z guide and get inspired


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Helpline service


We know it can be difficult to live with, or support someone living with these conditions. But you’re not alone. We provide up-to-date, evidence-based information and can support you to live well with Crohn’s or Colitis.

Our helpline team can help by:

  • Providing information about Crohn’s and Colitis.

  • Listening and talking through your situation.

  • Helping you to find support from others in the Crohn’s and Colitis community.

  • Signposting you to specialist organisations.

Please be aware we’re not medically or legally trained. We cannot provide detailed financial or benefits advice or specialist emotional support.

Please contact us via telephone, email or LiveChat - 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (except English bank holidays).

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If you need specific medical advice about your condition, your GP or IBD team will be best placed to help.

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