What's covered

What is IBD and what should I expect from diagnosis and investigations?
Covers the ABC of IBD, giving patients insight into their disease and how it may affect them. Looks at some of the common tests used to diagnose and to assess your IBD.

Cancer and IBD – should I be concerned?
The triggers and nature of Inflammatory Bowel Disease will be explored.

Coping with IBD
Looking at some of the emotions and common problems you may feel or experience as a result of IBD and invites you to think of alternative ways of coping with IBD.

What is around the corner? New treatments in IBD
Research takes place all the time to find the next IBD treatment – find out what is happening now.

Self-managing in IBD – an alternative approach
If you struggle to know what to do when you have a flare, have you investigated self-management with your IBD team?  This session will look at self-management and how it is used in caring for people with IBD.

Drug treatments in IBD – what should I expect?
This looks at the common drugs used and why tailoring treatments to the individual’s disease process is important.

Pregnancy and fertility – everything you ever wanted to know about IBD and having kids
Insight into all aspects of IBD and having children – the chances of passing on IBD to newborns, problems with conceiving and how to overcome them, when it is best to conceive, what to do about IBD medication during pregnancy, IBD medication and fertility, what birth methods are available, whether you should breastfeed your baby.

What is the role of diet in IBD?
Explores how diet can help in managing some of the symptoms related to your IBD.

New and alternative treatments in IBD 
Explores complementary and alternative treatment therapies for IBD.  The session will provide a choice of safe alternative treatments and the evidence to support them.

Explores the transition of health care from paediatrics to adult services.

Living with IBD
Living with IBD is delivered by Crohn’s and Colitis UK and explores the impact that IBD can have on education and employment, how you can get the best from your healthcare service and what Crohn’s and Colitis UK can do to support you.

Surgery in IBD
The role of surgery in IBD.