IBD Registry COVID-19 UK IBD Tool

Following the announcement by the government of the requirement for people with certain medical conditions to shield, the British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) were asked to develop a risk grid to help identify which IBD patients should be included. The IBD Registry developed a patient-facing web-based tool that has enabled patients to identify their own risk according to the BSG's risk grid, and for that information to be fed back to hospitals.

Over 34,000 patients have now participated. Researchers are now planning to use these data, linked to COVID-19 testing data, to help determine the relationship between the risk predicted by the BSG risk grid and the actual risk of infection and serious outcomes.

When will the findings of this work come out? The results of these analyses should be ready in autumn/winter 2020.

Lead researchers: Nick Kennedy (Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital), Stuart Bloom (UCLH)