MAP Vaccine Phase 1 Trial

Researchers at the Jenner Institute, Oxford, are recruiting to a phase one clinical trial to assess the new Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP) vaccines, ChAdOx2 HAV and MVA HAV, at different doses.

The Jenner Institute, part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine, is looking for healthy volunteers to take part in a trial testing the safety and immunogenicity of two new vaccines. If you are aged 18-50, are in good health you may be eligible to participate. Volunteers are compensated for their time and travel during the study period of 3-5 months. Full details of reimbursement can be found in the trial information sheet.

What is a phase one clinical trial?

The first time a new treatment or vaccine is tested in humans, it will usually be given to a small group of healthy volunteers. However in some cases – such as when a new medicine is being tested as a treatment for a terminal illness like cancer - it may be tested on volunteers who have the condition.

What is involved?

Researchers will test for side effects and calculate what the right dose might be to use in treatment. Participants will be given one or two vaccines in addition to doing blood tests and collecting information about any symptoms that occur after vaccination. This is the first trial to use these vaccines in humans and a maximum of 18 participants will be recruited.
Researchers will start with small doses and only increase the dose if the volunteers don't experience any side effects, or if they only experience minor side effects.

We recommend you speak with your GP or health practitioner before taking part in a clinical trial and for further information go to NHS Choices.

How to get involved:

If you think you may be interested in participating in this trial, please complete the online pre-screen questionnaire. A member of the Jenner Institure research team will then be in contact with you.