Eating Disorders in Individuals with IBD

Researchers at Lancaster University are looking for individuals aged 18 and over who have received a diagnosis of IBD and who self-report or have received a diagnosis of an eating disorders since the onset of the IBD, to take part in a study investigating IBD and eating disorders.

This new study funded by Lancaster University will assess if participants experience and recount a relationship between their IBD and eating disorder experiences. Your experiences are important to help improve care provided by services. More details about the study can be found in this information sheet.

Interviews can be held via Skype or, if you live in the North West of England, face-to-face.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, please fill out this expression of interest form and contact Emma Mellor, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, via email at

This research study is NOT funded or organised by Crohn's & Colitis UK and, therefore, we cannot take responsibility for your involvement in the research. It is a patient’s choice to take part.