Remembering Alex Demain

10 November 2015

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If we are remembered for the things that we do rather than just what we say, then our friend and colleague, Alex, built a monument of memories.

How does someone with a gift for making life easy-going, full of promise, potential and laughs do so with such charming modesty - and also have really good hair?

One of our fundraising and marketing team members since 2010, Alex built relationships with charity supporters that fast became friendships and he managed events with a sportsman’s flair for being part of the action.

His character we all admired, and that admiration soared when we learned that Alex was coping privately and courageously with a serious cancer. It was a typical quality as Alex also had Crohn’s Disease - something he did not mention at his interview, preferring instead to be offered a role on his other merits. 

Over five years Alex flourished with us and we thought highly of his character and his potential; awarding a promotion and supporting him through his Masters Degree – conferred posthumously in the month after he died.

He was a fun and genuinely caring colleague and while we didn’t know we were making memories with Alex, we always knew we were working with someone special.

Alex Demain 1986-2015

In June 2016 we awarded the first Alex Demain Young Fundraiser of the Year Award, recognising innovative ways young people have fundraised for Crohn's and Colitis UK.