Launch of Crohn’s and Colitis Talking Toolkit

24 September 2019

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Not sure how to start a conversation about your Crohn's or Colitis? Don’t worry, our brand new Talking Toolkit is here to help. 

Whether its talking to your boss, a friend or a loved one, in a few short questions, the Crohn’s and Colitis Talking Toolkit gives you personalised information and talking tips - to not only explain your condition but how its symptoms affect you every day. 

The aim of the Talking Toolkit is to give people the confidence to start those important conversations, the ones that make everyday life that little bit easier.  

When the people around you understand what you’re going through it can make all the difference. An understanding ear, a cup of tea, or just coming over to see you when you can’t make it out – talking can open the door to these small but important things.

Andy McGuinness,
Campaigns Manager, Crohn's & Colitis UK

The Talking Toolkit is part of the It Takes Guts campaign. We know it can be hard to find the confidence and the right words to talk about the conditions. 

That’s why, with lots of resources at, we’re supporting people to start conversations in every town across the UK – with their family, friends, employers and teachers. No more stigma. No more isolation. Just better understanding and support, up and down the country.  

Keeping your condition to yourself is so isolating. Remember, there are always people there to support you. There were times when I was embarrassed to talk about my IBD but sharing my experiences made it easier. 

Living with Crohn's Disease

No-one needs to feel afraid to talk about Crohn’s or Colitis again.Together, let’s take that first step. Because no one can see it, until we say it. 

Check out our Talking Toolkit to find the words and inspiration to start those crucial conversations today.  

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