Jeremy Corbyn shows his support for Crohn’s & Colitis UK

05 December 2018

Along with other Labour Party members, Jeremy Corbyn attended Parliament today wearing a Crohn’s & Colitis UK badge in aid of Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week.

Jeremy Corbyn supporting Crohn's and Colitis UKWe welcome the current Leader of the Opposition showing his support for people living with Crohn's and Colitis, and raising awareness of these conditions during Prime Minister's Questions.

It takes guts

The gut is like your body’s second brain, so when it goes wrong, it can affect every aspect of your life - from your hormones and digestion, to your energy levels and mental health.

Stigma and misunderstanding around the conditions, means thousands are suffering in silence.

It takes guts to talk about Crohn’s and Colitis, so it is great to see Jeremy Corbyn and team helping to raise awareness. When you have Crohn’s or Colitis, your immune system doesn’t work properly. Your body starts attacking itself, causing ulcers and inflammation in the gut. Imagine having a wound that never heals – only it’s on the inside. Every time you eat or drink, it’s like rubbing salt into that wound. People living with the conditions face a lifetime of medication and, in many cases, major surgery. If left untreated, they can be fatal.

Dan McLean
Crohn's & Colitis UK

What are Crohn's and Colitis?

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are diseases of the gut, that affect every part of the body. They're debilitating, widely misunderstood and there is no known cure.

Every day, Crohn’s and Colitis has a devastating impact on the lives of 300,000 people across the UK - the real number could be double that. 

At Crohn’s & Colitis UK, we are working to improve diagnosis and treatment, and to fund research into a cure; to raise awareness and to give people hope, comfort and confidence to live freer, fuller lives.

Give the gift of hope

If you make a donation to vital Crohn's and Colitis research today, we'll send you a beautiful Star of Hope decoration as a special thank you in time for Christmas.

Get your star of Hope

1-7 December is Crohn's and Colitis Awareness Week. See how you can get involved.