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05 December 2020

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1 in 2 people with Crohn’s or Colitis have had a negative experience when trying to use accessible toilets urgently need. Over half of these incidents involve verbal or even physical harassment. 

We need your help to change this. 

This Awareness Week, we’re calling on you to ask your local Councillor to install our Not Every Disability is Visible signs on accessible toilets in all their public buildings. It’s really easy to do and will have a huge impact. It takes less than two minutes to create your template letter

Over 3,000 venues have already joined our campaign, with pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and travel hubs displaying our signs. Nando’s, ASDA, Wetherspoons, ScotRail and many more have all shown their commitment to the campaign. With your help we can get the signage installed in more public buildings and make sure no one is discriminated against for using accessible toilets. 

Support for Not Every Disability is Visible is gaining already momentum in councils across the UK. Oldham Council in Greater Manchester have already put forward a motion to install our signs.  

I am so happy to support this cause, I live with a hidden disability and know exactly what it feels like to see the ‘eyes of judgement’ gaze at you wondering if you ‘deserve’ to have that radar key or should they be using that accessible toilet etc. I felt so impassioned to move such a motion at our council meeting and help ensure that folk visiting Oldham can feel welcome and unimpeded when going about their daily lives.

Councillor Louie Hamblett
Not Every Disability is Visible supporter

Our 2019 survey showed that 83% of respondents with Crohn’s or Colitis felt more comfortable visiting a venue to our Not Every Disability is Visible signs installed. 

I feel that having the Not Every Disability is Visible signs can help people understand that you can ‘look well’ and still be in desperate need of an accessible toilet.

Ben, living with Crohn's Disease

Together, we can ensure that more people with Crohn’s and Colitis aren’t hidden at home – they’re out and about, living life to the fullest. Free from discrimination and abuse. 

write to your councillor today