7 Reasons to complete the IBD Patient Survey

26 July 2019

We want everyone to have high-quality and consistent IBD care, wherever they live in the UK. 

Through the IBD UK Patient Survey your anonymous feedback will tell healthcare professionals what parts of the IBD service are doing well and what parts need improving. Ultimately, your feedback will help shape how the NHS improves it services so it can better meet your needs.

But why should you take part in the survey? Here's seven reasons: 

1. Doing good does you good

By filling out the IBD Patient Survey, you’re not just improving your care, you can also help others too. Helping others is super rewarding, often making us feel happier know we can make a difference for someone else. Sharing what's working well in your IBD Service in the patient survey, will help others to be able to have a positive experience too. This is your chance to fix the inconsistency and make it happen. 

2. Your future self will thank you

Just 20 minutes out of your day could have a huge impact on your care in the future. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the here and now, but here's an amazing opportunity to potentially change the future! This survey could really transform how your care is delivered.

3. IBD may be invisible but patients are not

We want every person with IBD to join the conversation and make their voices heard. We need to raise awareness of IBD and make sure that everyone living with IBD has their voice represented.

4. Get things off your chest

Explaining what you’re frustrated with can be good for your well-being. Even better when your feedback could actually make a difference. Giving open, honest feedback to your IBD service could give them the information they need to expand and improve. 

5. It’s cool to care

By filling out the IBD Patient Survey you can influence changes both locally and nationally, which is pretty cool. You could even support big plans, such as the NHS vision to provide more personalised care.

6. Put your voice out there

Your opinion matters and we need you. Make sure you’re represented and give valuable data to support future NHS investment, which will come back around to support you.

7. Say thanks!

Use this opportunity to thank your IBD team for all the things they’re doing well. We want this to be an opportunity to recognise and shout about the great work IBD services do across the UK.

Take part in the survey now