Campaign to train 100 IBD Nurses

02 August 2019

We’re excited to be launching our new Nurse Specialist programme to help train 100 new IBD Nurses.

One third of people living with Crohn’s or Colitis don’t have the support of an IBD nurse, which is why we’ve launched an appeal to train 100 IBD nurse specialists

I’ve seen the very worst side of Crohn’s Disease and I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer that alone, without an IBD nurse. Everyone with Crohn’s or Colitis should have an IBD nurse. Please give what you can to help Crohn’s & Colitis UK train 100 IBD nurses. These angels changed my life.

Living with Crohn's Disease


IBD Nurse specialists are a lifeline to people with Crohn’s or Colitis. They provide advice about how to handle flare-ups, treatment options and daily life with Crohn’s and Colitis helps people to live well with IBD.

We want everyone to have an IBD nurse. We want everyone to have access to high-quality, sustainable IBD care.  And we want to help you best support everyone with Crohn’s and Colitis. 

To help achieve this we’re launching our new Nurse Specialist programme to:

  • Annually fund 10 MSc’s in advanced nursing practice, and
  • Annually recruit 10 MSc qualified nurse specialists to complete Advanced Practice Credentialing

We will be supporting Crohn’s & Colitis UK nurses through sharing best nursing practice and giving access to charity resources and support.

If you are working as an IBD nurse and are interested in training? Find out more about the programme