Who is in an IBD team?

An IBD team is a multidisciplinary team of Consultant Gastroenterologists, Surgeons, Registrars, Pharmacists, Nurses and Dieticians, all with a specialist knowledge of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Working closely with one another, holding regular meetings and reviewing complex cases enables the provision of a high standard of care for patients with IBD. 

Multidisciplinary team working is an integral part of the 2019 IBD Standards and essential to delivering safe, consistent, high-quality personalised care for everyone in the UK with Crohn’s and Colitis. More information on the new IBD Standards can be viewed on the IBD UK website

What do IBD Nurse Specialists do?

Within the multidisciplinary team operates a small team of IBD Nurse Specialists. They have extensive training and experience in gastroenterology and are especially interested in treating and supporting patients with IBD.

IBD Nurse Specialists can conduct both face-to-face and telephone clinics, provide advice on how to manage the condition and refer patients to other relevant specialists within the team.

Meet the team


IBD Clinical Nurse Specialist

Provides specialist care, procedures, education and support to patients.

Senior IBD Clinical Nurse Specialist

Provides leadership and advanced specialist knowledge of IBD to patients, public, academics and other staff. Provides specialist care, procedures, education and support to patients.

 Administrative Support


Administrative support for IBD meetings, IBD database recording and audit.


Consultant Gastroenterologist

Diagnoses the signs and symptoms of digestive diseases and performs appropriate tests, such as endoscopy


Dispenses and advises on medications for IBD, including biologics.

Consultant Colorectal Surgeons

Performs a variety of procedures used to repair damage caused by diseases of the lower digestive tract.


Devises diets to compensate for nutrient deficiencies and help manage the symptoms of IBD.


Images the abdominal area using a variety of techniques to diagnose and monitor IBD.


Examines tissue samples from patients suspected of having IBD for diagnosis, treatment and study.

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