Online course on Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness

King’s College London and FutureLearn are launching a FREE online course called Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness.The IMPARTS team at Kings College London believe this course could be of interest to those with long-term health conditions, who wish to learn more about about how the mind and body interact to shape our experience of illness.

The course will run for 3 weeks in September and looks at integrated approaches to care.

Participants can explore the relationship between depression/anxiety and chronic illness, and how the mind and body interact. 

The course start date is Monday 09 September 2019 and FREE sign up is now open. 

The course will cover the following topics:
•         Overview of the mind and body link and why it matters
•         The impact of depression and anxiety on health and quality of life
•         Approaches to integrating mental and physical healthcare
•         Communication skills to overcome barriers to talking about distress in illness
•         Challenges to identifying depression and anxiety in people with a physical illness
•         Assessment and management of suicide risk
•         Self-care techniques and sources of support for depression and anxiety
•         Treatment options, including talking therapies and medication

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