Personal challenge time!

We know everyone has different personal goals for what they would like to achieve physically. 

It could be taking on 10,000 steps a day, climbing a mountain, running, a danceathon, cycling or walking a set distance. We encourage you to set your own personal challenge and do it your way, and we’ll be here cheering you on all the way!


Need some inspiration?                                                                                

  • Climbing -  work out how many stairs you would need to climb to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, or choose the height of an iconic building!
  • Dance-athon - set the challenge to dance for 6 hours straight, or 12 or even 24 hours of continued dancing if you’re feeling brave.     
  • Swimming -  set a distance to swim over a month, or set a challenge to swim 100 lenghts in one go!                                                 
  • Cycling -  could you ride 300 miles in a month, or complete a fantastic UK cycling route
  • Walking - pick your month and take 10,000 steps a day! Use your phone or fitness watch to track your steps. 
  • Running -  you could take part in a 10k run, run a marathon across a month, or really turn it up a knotch and run a marathon one day!     


Set up your Just Giving page to get started today!     

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