Giving it up!

There is no bigger challenge than giving something you love up to raise money!

What could I give up?!

The tougher the challenge the more you could raise as you prove to your friends and family just how determined you are!

  • It could be 30 days or longer without alcohol… how about no wine or your favourite tipple for a year?!
  • What about a setting yourself a digital detox, could you give up social media for a week?!

  • Saying no to all fizzy drinks or sugar, what about ditching chocolate or your favourite biscuits?

  • Meatless month – want to cut down on eating meat? Why not try it by being sponsored to quit meat for a month.


How can I fundraise? 

Simply follow the steps below and kick off your ‘Giving it up’ challenge!

 Choose something to give up that will be a personal struggle for you to give up!

 Set up your Just Giving page today

 Donate to your fundraising page, to show how serious you are! 

 Use word of mouth and your social media platforms to share your challenge with friends and family and ask them to sponsor you. 

Ready to give it up? Download your fundraising resources!

Download your fundraising resources