Corporate Packages

Corporate Packages

Become a Corporate Partner of Crohn’s and Colitis UK. 

We build mutually beneficial partnerships by matching our mutual objectives and identifying innovative ways to meet these.

Crohn's and Colitis UK receives grants from our corporate partners in three ways:

  1. Partnership Funding: This is core funding which is direct financial hands-off support only intended for the human and physical resources needed to run the organisation and/or any activity that the charity decides to carry out without reference to the company.
  2. Sponsorship of arms-length project or activity: Direct financial (or significant non-financial) hands-off support where there is no involvement by the corporate partner; the patient group retains sole ownership and control of the project or activity. E.g. sponsorship to attend a conference or to help produce patient literature (this maybe through funding or providing resources or equipment.
  3. Hands-on collaborative project or activity: Direct engagement as a partner of a patient group on a specific educational project to which both parties contribute. Crohn’s and Colitis UK retains ownership and editorial control over the work. However, the corporate partner will review work emanating from any collaborative activity to ensure factual accuracy, balance and compliance with the Code of Practice Policy

Pharmaceutical Support

Crohn’s and Colitis UK work closely with a number of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The development, availability and proper use of medicines, treatments and devices are an important part of the management of IBD. Our relationships with the companies which produce them bring many benefits to patients and carers.

We have a policy that funding from pharmaceutical and medical device companies will not exceed 10% of our total annual income. During the financial year 2015/16, donations from these organisations, expressed as a percentage of our total annual income, came to less than 4%. You can view where we have used corporate partnership monies in 2015/16 here.

It is important that we do not compromise our independence, integrity or strategic direction in any of our work with pharmaceutical or medical device partners. We have a strong code of conduct for working with the pharmaceutical industry which we review on a regular basis.  For further information, please see our Policy on the Relations with the Pharmaceuticals Industry (pdf)

Need more Information?

Download our Corporate Fact Sheet. This may help you when filling out your Charity of the Year Nomination form.

We would be more than happy to chat through any ideas or questions you may have so please contact the Corporate Team on 01727 734489 or email

We look forward to welcoming you to our charity.