Our staff

As an organisation with important responsibilities towards our beneficiaries, donors, supporters, and the general public, we recognise the importance of accountability and transparency in all aspects of our work.

Whether it is delivering a direct service to our beneficiaries or managing the effective and efficient running of the organisation, our staff team plays a critical role in helping the charity to develop, grow and deliver ever more for our beneficiaries.

How staff deliver our work

The work of the charity covers a number of important areas, all designed to help us improve lives today whilst striving towards an ambition of a world free from Crohn’s and Colitis in the future. 

Our overall staff numbers are closely monitored to ensure that we have the necessary capacity to deliver the charity’s work whilst ensuring that any future growth in staff numbers is in line with the charity’s overall growth plans. Some examples of these work areas include:

Across all of this, our staff work in partnership with a growing community of volunteers who also play a critical role in the work of the charity. None of this core charitable work would be possible without the staff and volunteers who support it, lead it and drive it.

How pay is governed

Our Board of Trustees (all volunteers) are responsible for defining the charity’s pay policy, and deciding on the salaries of the Chief Executive and his or her leadership team.  We are committed to ensuring a balance between: 

  • Paying our staff who work for us fairly so that we attract and retain the very best people with the right experience, talent and leadership qualities
  • Careful management of our charity funds. 

This clear policy ensures the greatest effectiveness in delivering our charitable objectives and in meeting the needs of our beneficiaries. 

Our salary principles

Our staff salaries are independently reviewed against charities of similar size, income, location and structure, to ensure that salary levels are both appropriate and competitive. 

Our salaries need to be competitive within the charity sector, but we do not aim to compete on pay with the public or private sectors.

Salaries of the chief executive and directors are set, reviewed and agreed by our Board of Trustees. 

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