Panels & committees


The people involved in our various research and grants panels.


Below you will find the people involved with the following panels:

Medical Research Awards Panel

Dr. Barney Hawthorne (Chair)
Prof. Chris Probert
Mrs. Jill Daws
Dr. Nick Powell
Prof. Julian Marchesi
Dr. Miranda Lomer MBE
Prof. Andrew Smith
Dr. Kevin Young
Dr. Michael Burkitt
Mr. Matt Lee
Ms. Glenys Davies
Dr. James Lee
Dr. Simon Chan
Ruth Wakeman (Secretary)

Improving Lives Research Awards Panel

Dr. Karen Kemp (Chair)
Dr. Louise Langmead
Dr. Kathy Whayman
Dr. Georgina Rowse
Dr. Ann McMahon
Dr. Rafeeq Muhammed
Dr. Sorrel Burden
Dr. Susan Smith
Ms. Theresa Stearn
Ms. Lucy Chambers
Dr. Wladzia Czuber-Dochan
Dr. Andrew Hart
Ms. Kate Gray
Ruth Wakeman (Secretary)

Research Strategy and Funding Committee

Lindsay Keir (Chair)
Dr. Karen Kemp 
Prof. Christine Norton 
Dr. Miles Parkes 
Prof. Richard Russell
Prof. Ailsa Hart 
Ms. Kati Simpson
Dr. Barney Hawthorne
Ms. Sarah Denselow
Ruth Wakeman (Secretary)

Finance and Audit Committee

Tom Reddy (Chair)
Sue Cherrie 
Angus McLean
Justine Woolf

People and Organisational Development Committee

Justine Woolf (Chair)
Amanda Quincey
Sue Cherrie
Graham Bell