Confidentiality statement

This statement covers stakeholders general interactions with Crohn’s & Colitis UK, with specific information for those using our Helpline service. It should be considered alongside our Privacy Policy. 

General Communications 

Crohn’s & Colitis UK believe in creating a safe space for you to share or seek information. 

This is why the information you share with us, whether you contact us by phone or in writing including web chat, social media and email or letter, is kept confidential (not shared with anyone outside of the charity) wherever possible.  

Confidentiality offered is between yourself and the charity. By ‘charity’, we mean Crohn’s & Colitis UK.  

There are times where we may need to break confidentiality. The following are examples of times we may need to break confidentiality, but there are others: 

  • Where information of terrorism or a bomb threat is given to us 
  • If we receive a court order or to comply with our legal obligations to share information 
  • If we become aware, hear about or suspect that abuse/harm to a child, young person or adult at risk may have happened or there is risk of it taking place  
  • If our staff or service is abused 
  • If we believe someone is taking active steps to end their life. 

If appropriate, we will inform you that we are going to break confidentiality. 

Helpline Service  

Callers to the helpline can speak to staff anonymously. 

Calls to the helpline will be recorded to monitor the quality of our service and support the training of our staff. 

Call recordings will be deleted after 45 days.  

Unless a caller withholds their telephone number, the number will be stored on our call recording system and linked to the recording of the call.  

Our telephone system reveals the caller’s telephone number. Please note that if an individual has chosen to bar anonymous or withheld numbers then we will not be able to return calls. 

Where enquiries relate to other areas of the charity, we will pass on contact details. Clear consent is not sought in these cases but is automatically presumed to help you get an answer to your query quickly. 

When you email us, we'll only use your email address for the purpose of responding to your query, unless you have given consent to receive other information from the charity.  

We may ask you for feedback on our service to use for quality purposes and to help us demonstrate impact.  

We will require direct contact with you before we can send you any information.  

Personal data is entered onto our secure database system with your consent and is anonymised for statistical and monitoring purposes. You can choose what information you feel comfortable sharing with us.