Kay Greveson

Kay is a Specialist IBD Nurse and passionate supporter of Crohn's and Colitis UK. Kay also provides support for the wider IBD community with her award winning website the IBD Passport, a fantastic travel resource for people affected by Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Alongside her role as an IBD Nurse, Kay has fundraised in aid of the charity recently taking on the Vitality London 10,000 run. 

I have been an IBD Nurse for the past 11 years and have also suffered from Crohn’s Disease from the age of 13. As a patient I found Crohn’s and Colitis UK to be a great source of support and information in what was a very daunting time when first diagnosed. Since becoming an IBD Nurse, my involvement with Crohn’s and Colitis UK has increased from using their excellent information to educate and support patients, to become more involved in fundraising and research.

I would like to work with Crohn’s and colitis UK to try and make living with IBD easier by promoting education and awareness and working on campaigns to improve the quality of life of those with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 

Specialist IBD Nurse