Annie Swanston

Annie has fundraised in support of Crohn’s & Colitis UK for the past 12 years in memory of her late husband Ian Swanston who had Ulcerative Colitis

Not only has Annie raised £222,500 - an almighty achievement in itself - she's also very active in raising awareness in the local community of St Albans. 

I started raising money for Crohn's & Colitis UK because my late husband Ian died in October 2002 and part of his illness was Ulcerative Colitis. He had a very rare blood disorder as well, but Colitis was a very debilitating part of his illness and I therefore wanted to raise awareness - so many people suffer from the condition but are too embarrassed to talk about it. I also felt very passionate about raising funds for research into the causes of the condition as well.

Being a Community Champion is a great honour for me, and for Ian and our family and everyone that helps me as well. I have always worked with enthusiasm for the charity and this role will certainly have our work recognised.

Annie Swanston

Annie has met our new CEO Sarah Sleet for the first time, a great opportunity to reflect on the successes of past years, present a cheque of £8,776 for the fabulous events since November 2018 and of course look forward to what 2019 has in store:

Crohn's & Colitis UK are proud to announace that Annie has been shortlisted for the Inspiring Hertfordshire Community Champion award after being nominated by her employer Spire Harpenden Hospital.

We are now looking forward to the 13th June where we hope to see her crowned the winner.

She has been a huge support for the charity in the last 16 years and it is great to see her honoured in this way.