Rylan Clark-Neal

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Television presenter Rylan Clark-Neal's mother has Crohn's Disease and he has seen the true impact Inflammatory Bowel Disease can have. 

Rylan has shown his support in many different ways, including appearances on All Star Mr and Mrs, All Star Familly Fortunes and Tipping Point: Lucky Stars all in support of our fight against Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Most recently, Rylan supported World IBD Day 2020 with exclusive content from his Diary Room!

My mum has lived with severe Crohn’s Disease since 1984, four years before I was born and the condition really shaped my childhood. She has had to undergo multiple operations to remove damaged parts of her bowel and she takes medication every day. When I was growing up, I thought my mum was the only person with the condition. I support Crohn’s and Colitis UK to help other families know that they are not alone. My mum often felt embarrassed about her diagnosis, but nobody with Crohn’s or Colitis should feel like this.

Rylan Clark-Neal
Mother was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1984