How we write our information

Crohn’s and Colitis UK is an accredited member of the Information Standard scheme for Health and Social care information producers.

As a member of the Information Standard,* Crohn's and Colitis UK is committed to its' principles and to making sure that our information production procedures continue to meet the Standard requirements. One of the requirements is using current, relevant, balanced and trustworthy evidence sources. We keep a record of the evidence sources we use for each publication. We also keep a record of any conflicts of interest (of our medical adviser reviewers). If you would like more information about these sources of evidence, and/or any conflicts of interests, please email the Publications Team at You can also write to us at: Crohn’s and Colitis UK, 45 Grosvenor Road, St Albans, AL1 3AW or contact us through our Information Service: 0300 222 5700.

All of our draft publications are reviewed by Medical Advisers and other professionals.  We also have a Readers Panel, which is made up of people with Crohn's and Colitis, to provide us with comments and suggestions from the point of view of someone living with the condition. 

Readers Panel

If you are interested in helping us by providing feedback on our publications, you may like to join our Readers Panel. Each time we write a new edition of a publication, as well as consulting a range of health and other appropriate professionals, we also like to get the views of people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). To do this, we ask members of our Readers Panel to comment on each publication while it is in draft form. We have fantastic people on our Readers Panel, but we always need more to meet the number of publications that we are reviewing.

You don't need to have any special knowledge or training, you just need to be someone with experience of living with IBD and willing to use your experience to comment on our information from a reader's point of view.

If you are interested in joining our Panel, please email and put ‘RP’ and your name in the subject line. Please also include some information about you, such as:

  • whether you have Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis 
  • when you were diagnosed
  • current treatment (might be none)

*For more details about the Information Standard, see their website: