Meet Our Crohn’s and Colitis Cats (Children’s story)

Our new story Meet our Crohn's and Colitis cats is for children affected by Crohn's or Colitis, whether they have the condition themselves or know someone who does.

Riley and Owen live with Crohn's and Colitis. They like to think of their Crohn's and Colitis as cats that they have to take care of - sometimes the cats are big and bother them, sometimes the cats are small and leave them alone. They find that while it takes guts to live with a Crohn’s or Colitis cat, they can still achieve their dreams.

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This book is a really good way of explaining Crohn’s. I love how the cats shrink and grow when you are feeling bad or good. I also love how they make the feeding tubes fun. Another thing I love about the book is that at the end it gives you an explanation on all the words that they have used. My personal favourite page is the one that says ‘Crohn’s cant hold you down, its just a part of your life.’ I would give the book a 5 star rating as it is really good.

JJ, age 11
Living with Crohn's

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You can download and print pages of our Crohn's and Colitis cats to colour in yourself - or you can make your very own origami cats by watching our video:

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Meet our Crohn’s and Colitis cats was created together with people affected by Crohn’s or Colitis – including children, their families and the healthcare professionals treating them. The illustrations and story concepts come from the amazing mind of Thomas Wolfe an illustrator, author and father living with Crohn’s Disease.

This story was supported by grant funding, including the National Lottery Awards for All. Funders had no input into the content or design.